Jeremiah Gyang Ft. Ladi Gyang – Arise Plateau!

Well known Nigerian R&B and Soul Music sensation Jeremiah Gyang , featuring his beautiful wife Ladi Gyang give out a fresh single track ‘ARISE PLATEAU!’.This tune resembles an endless journey filled with joy, sorrow, and hope. Pretty awe-inspiring song with deep meaning lyrics and Jeremiah says, “The songs have more meanings and the people of…


GyC – Forever Has Begun

Rising artist GyC , hits the year with single titled ‘Forever Has Begun’ which is pretty cool.The video is directed by Justice John of Cre8tiveFilmsng.The track is a bit intimidating and emotional.The moments are pretty moreish and stunning sound will spin in your head forever.

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Harrysong ft Timaya – Samankwe

Harrison Tare Okiri aka Harrysong , launches with a total blast single track ‘Samankwe’ featuring Timaya. The track is unbeatable and energetic, a gigantic hit within the days.The music theme is awesome, snappy and just straight want to dance.

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Magnito ft. Patoranking – As I Get Money Ehn

Nigerian fresh out music star Magnito , comes again with a new track ‘As I Get Money Ehn’ featuring Patoranking. The visual shows Freestyle dance mixing with pop which is a well-executed combination. The tracks splendid production and with a pretty comic tune and lyrics cannot be ignored.

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Unyibagiza abandi by Eesam (Official Video 2017)

Eesam unleashed the new single track ‘Unyibagiza abandin’ which swings with a pretty turning visual. If you want something different taste on the beats and rolls on the floor this is for you. The visual is pretty hot, so deep and enjoyable.It is truly delightful and everything’s feel right with this track.

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Wakazi – Panga (Official Video HD)

This is a lead melody of Mtikila Mixtape that dropped late 2016 featuring by Wakazi , .This is likewise a free-form over Desiigner’s Panda beat. The beats in this track are still as crisp and welcoming as a recently changed bed.It has pretty mad beats, lyrics and flow and definitly worth the shot. (Played 3,669…


Peestar , – Chukwu Khalifa (OFFICIAL AUDIO 2017)

Chukwu Khalifa , ‘ is a new hit track of the year by Nigerian artiste PEESTAR which is popular for his indigenous rapping.CHUKWU KALIFAH, which means ‘’God surpasses all’’ where he talks about the street hustle and the need to put God first.The whole track is fantastic with immense listening.

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Its Party Time Anni Mirrors New Ugandan music 2017

It’s Party Time by Anni Mirrors , a Ugandan artist shakes the new year with his voices.There’s a feeling of campfire vibe after listening to the track. There’s a slushy feeling in Anni Mirrors voice, so you must say, let’s shake it, baby, ‘It’s Part time’.She tends to keep his lyrical concentration precisely where you’d…


Njagiyingira Simpo Zebra New Ugandan music 2017 HD

Njagiyingira , Mature real Hip-hop over less-is-more beats, it was pretty good and funny. The visual is quite whimsical and roll on the floor with moving scenes.Everything sounds deliciously grimy and unpolished.What’s more, you can feel the warmth in the voices, very amusing.

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Dance Kotisha Baby New Ugandan music 2017 HD

Ugandan artist Kotisha Baby , starts the year with a blowing visual ‘Dance’ which hits the floor very well.Pretty lusty voices will move you every time you listen to it.With stunning dancing moves the result is most ambitious,rewarding and soulful. She achieved his aim by making a track sexy and catchy.

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WHAT’S UP ONLINE (Season 01 Episode 10)

WHAT’S UP ONLINE , ‘ is a trending web series which is Eclectic, cool, bright and interesting. A very enjoyable visual and the soundtracks are beautifully crafted and meant to be enjoyed.The feeling is quite great and deliciously moving.

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Boboh – Oluwa Lo Cover Mi

Boboh , blasts the year with his intense visual ‘Oluwa Lo Cover Mi’. With the creative confidence to go with his considerable skills and heart and a pleasant voice to hear.This record has enough variation of energy, visuals, and imagination of a mix of cultures.

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Omegga – 1 Day | Abrakadabra Ft King Blaq

The video actually based on true events and coordinated by rising Director Dindu.Omegga , otherwise known as Yung Blord unleashed the video for the exciting Afro Trap tune “Abrakadabra” featuring King Blaq.This track is amazing and it has variety. The production is really the standout element of this record which is extremely space-like and airy.…


Orezi – Just Like That (Viral Video)

Orezi , hits the new year with his song ‘Just Like That’, He did great with low-cost production.the tune of the is harmonious, always surprising and often moving tracks that it leaves something else entirely to be desired. And it’s a promising beginning for the year 2017.

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Chyzzi X Mista Rage – Paranoid

Chyzzi , X Mista Rage who comes through with a shiney new song “Paranoid” to start up the year. Chyzzi delivers what its title promise with a great production and Chyzzi stepping his game up. This record is thrilling, bombastic and it hits the right spot.This video overwhelms with twists, turns, and surprises. (Played 3,492…