Igitego by Babystyle (Official Video) 2017

Igitego , by Babystyle is a pleasant song to hear. A bit Lyrical, listnerer can sense a simple but powerful words. The elements that are play here has a raw emotion of its own. The song stands just fine on its own.

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Mwami ushimirwe by Le seneve choir (Official Video) 2017

Mwami ushimirwe , It’s dramatic to hear this most extraordinary of gatherings playing with such ease and familiarity, and totally convincing. An alternate taste and their staggering effortlessness and undaunted trustworthiness are fascinating.They have dealt with all the fragments of their musical identity, focused them in a complementary manner.

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OJUELEGBA REMIX , A decent mix between standard sounding songwriting and exceptionally individualistic from DRAKE and SKEPTA.Genre-mixing and reflective lyricism can be discovered audience members are dealt with to a standout amongst the most organized track.The music and beats totally kick butt and durable from the begin to the wrap-up.

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Valoski – Sisi Nono (OFFICIAL AUDIO 2017)

Valoski , hits the year with a heavenly single track Sisi Nono.Valoski’s release packs a surly, yet suddenly positive punch, tossing him in the midst of an ocean of artists who do likewise in the Afropop music.Sisi Nono is a listen that is on occasion shifted, fascinating and dynamic, any associations made here are absolutely…


Remy Baggins – Want You (OFFICIAL AUDIO 2017)

It’s a key record that is an impact of clarity in a sloppy, confused world.Remy Baggins , follow-up to the astonishing Everybody Down by his track ‘Want you’ is likewise yearning in extension, terminated by a similar empathy and conveyed with a similar level of invigorated loquacity.From the gradually throbbing electronic streams of Breaks, the…


Fikayo – One Time (OFFICIAL AUDIO 2017)

The tireless lightness can get unsurprising before long, as one extravagant melody obscures into another, yet Fikayo , is loaded with promise. It’s a solid introduction in it’s purest frame where the verses and creation fall set up to the point where one listen isn’t almost enough; even by the third or fourth tune in,…


Lady FunL’ayo – Always Alayo

The moods of the song swerve between an occasion night out and the headache that follows.Lady FunL’ayo comes through Great instrumentals and tune with her melody ‘Always Alayo’ which is incredibly proficient and soulful.Wonderful unobtrusive and eccentric verses and magnificent music.

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J. Hansome Ft. Hameed – Gypsy Girl

Gypsy Girl , Nigerian artist, Jide who is known has J. Hansome has come out boldly to say 2017 will be a remarkable and an unforgettable one to all lovers of his music and his fans should expect more materials from new singles to visuals.Painstakingly crafted, casually baroque music for people who get off a…


Sean Odisi – Hustle

Legend Entertainment Mafia SEAN ODISI commences 2017, by discharging the music video for the titled track Hustle , .This fantastic song didn’t have to develop on me; it stunned me ideal out of the box. they are totally themselves on this track and totally agreeable on their own, Just glorious, end to end. (Played 3,665…


Blizz B Ft. Zone 504 – BaseLine

Blizz B dishes out a new song and a Viral Video for his fans titled BaseLine , .The dynamic BaseLine worked well enough to dish up a totally floor-ready return. It has a good blend of upbeat, and slower tempo melodies.There are some songs that just make you feel out of this world, I’m pretty…


Pesach – My Matter

Noteworthy material by Pesach , . The tunes and breaks stream flawlessly together, her vocals are delicate and brilliant.However, on the off chance that it boils down to absolutely what achieves the ear, Pesach A Seat at the Table discovers him in a place of self-strengthening, all inclusive get to, and intriguing verses. The breaks…


Kelvin Armani – Hammer

While most artists would have suffocated under the pressure, buildup, reckoning and size of a single melody like Hammer, he finishes without a hitch, making him not just a standout amongst the most one of a kind artist of our time, additionally one of the best as well.Malaysian base Fresh Music Empire introduces his first…


Stonebwoy – Enku Lenu

Stonebwoy kicks off this year with brand new single and video titled ENKU LENU. Lyrics and instrumentals work in synthesis with each other to give the listener a raw, yet subtle, consciousness. This is an awe-inspiring experience, Instrumentals and lyrics got together like ice and water. At the end of the day, Stonebwoy gives a…


What If – PILATO & Muliokela

Cool! perfect hip hop. Looking for something like this for long time. Awesome work, love the singing style and variation. Great work done by PILATO & Muliokela. Awesome combination in lyric with lots of fun.

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Vitaliano – Malaika

I always like love song and Vitaliano also give a very decent music with nice lyric but song was too shot. Sounds like, the song ended before it finished. Starting of the song was different, liked that part.

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