“Jaburata” – EmmCee RNB ft. Minjin x Pepenazi

Just after releasing the song “Jaburata” by EmmCee RNB ft. Minjin x Pepenazi, has got much popularity from the audience. By this song EmmCee RNB tried to say how blessed we are by the God and how people taught we could not make it. A soulful song with deep thinking.

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Kay Kwanash, “Battle Winner”

As usual, like other song created by Kay Kwanash, “Battle Winner” is another one where he addressed the issues around him in his music. Also, the lyric is strong and soulful as well. Enjoy the nice video from the minion rapper.

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RapKurdz – S3xtape

Nothing special from the multi talented rapper and artist RapKurdz in his title song S3xtape. Can not show his talent in this song overall.

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Xbreazy ft. Pepenazi – Pray Remix

A cool song Xbreazy ft. Pepenazi – Pray Remix. Pepenzi creates a different sound of remix in the music industry and he has decided to hook up with XBreazy for the remix. A good work at all.

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“Panda – Pray for you”

An Afro Pop and Hip-Hop musician Panda (original name Oje Ehijator) shows his talent with his new single “Pray for you” yet his family discouraged him to make his career in music sector. Tried to create new sounds, but could be more good.

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Wakulemye Izon

Wakulemye Izon , Singer has to be more skilled on faster beat. Not impressed at all

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Nicari ft M.A.C – Die In Designer

SbTV always promotes the new talents and this time also they intriduced talented singer Nicar with his first title “Die In Designer” featured by M.A.C. Yet the sound is not good enough as per Nicari’s talent as well an ordinary one. Best of Luck buddy.

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Aboki Arewa T v Breaker 2 T V

A truly hip hop song by Aboki Arewa Tv Breaker 2 T V. But when you will start enjoying the song it will finish suddenly and that is the only unexpected thing of this song. At the end, i can not say it is a good song.

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Cheekur – Loke Loke

A true love song should sound like this and the song sang by Cheekur and the song title is “Loke Loke”. A very interesting song as well the video also. Due to the epic love story, this song is classified as the next love tagging sound. Just love the song.

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Bosman Domor

Simpley tremendous Bosman Domor. The song will go ahead as you want it to be. This song will make you realize that you are very familiar with this song whereas may be you are hearing it first time. Nice sound.

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Dave Mor – Papa

Dave Mor – “Papa” is a song which will uphold your inner spirit and make you more closer to the God. Mr David Chinedu Mordi has made the song different with his Artisitc sound. Oveall a nice song.

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Mz Kiss – “Holla at me”

What should be the rating for this song made by Mz Kiss – “Holla at me”? From my side definitly 8 out of 10. You may be thinking “Why?” My answer will be, just hear the song pls. Great one.

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Stoner ft Mikes Roddy & Young D – Back To The Money

Not a good song as well video also by Stoner ft Mikes Roddy & Young D – “Back To The Money”. The guy with black sunglass is blind and he is the best part of this video as he will be a inspiration for many. Best of luck The Giza.

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Flexy Ft. Oritsefemi – “Isingbka”

Really thumping song by Flexy Ft. Oritsefemi – “Isingbka”. The song has to be a big hit because the tune is created by the hit maker LahLah blended and aced by the world well known INDOMIX. If you do not like this song, I will return back my words.

(Played 3,490 times)

Milly Parkeur – Freestyle en Studio

A creative one from Milly Parkeur – Freestyle en Studio. Very melodies tune played by guitar, drum and keyboard. As you enter deep of this song, you will start enjoying the song and you will give a deep dive into the song. The melodious addiction of this song will continue till end of the song.…


El Chapo – Love vs Magic

When this song “Love vs Magic” will start you will definitly love the tune created by El Chapo. He is a proven artist who created nice songs before and this one is also another one to be loved by all.

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