1Fame – Parental Guidance ft Epixode x Medikal (Dance Video)

1Fame’s hip-hop jam Parental Guidance , which features Medikal and epixode is a dope dance with great bits.This track builds slowly and peaks into audio splendor.Funky electronic sounds, great beats just fits with the music. it really hits the floor with thematic experience.

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Boboh – Oluwa Lo Cover Mi

Boboh , blasts the year with his intense visual ‘Oluwa Lo Cover Mi’. With the creative confidence to go with his considerable skills and heart and a pleasant voice to hear.This record has enough variation of energy, visuals, and imagination of a mix of cultures.

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Lil Win Ft. Young Chorus – Mama Boss Papa (Yimama)

Lil Win , ’s join effort with Young Chorus which is a funny act entitled ‘Mama Boss Papa (Yimama)’.Lil Win who played the role of a choirmaster surely knows how to entertain the world.It has a great deal of mood throughout and it really keeps you on your toes when listening on the grounds that…


Omegga – 1 Day | Abrakadabra Ft King Blaq

The video actually based on true events and coordinated by rising Director Dindu.Omegga , otherwise known as Yung Blord unleashed the video for the exciting Afro Trap tune “Abrakadabra” featuring King Blaq.This track is amazing and it has variety. The production is really the standout element of this record which is extremely space-like and airy.…


Orezi – Just Like That (Viral Video)

Orezi , hits the new year with his song ‘Just Like That’, He did great with low-cost production.the tune of the is harmonious, always surprising and often moving tracks that it leaves something else entirely to be desired. And it’s a promising beginning for the year 2017.

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Chyzzi X Mista Rage – Paranoid

Chyzzi , X Mista Rage who comes through with a shiney new song “Paranoid” to start up the year. Chyzzi delivers what its title promise with a great production and Chyzzi stepping his game up. This record is thrilling, bombastic and it hits the right spot.This video overwhelms with twists, turns, and surprises. (Played 3,506…


Lil Kem – Jogodo

Jogodo , On the off chance if you need something softy and immense interest, this performance track is for you.Lil Kem Drops the visuals to his single off the assortment of work titled ‘Jogodo’.He is a remarkable offbeat artist henceforth this tune is massively listenable and on the initial few twists will probably to be…


Philkeyz – Afro-Fusion Session | S01E00

Nigerian Record Producer Philkeyz , who has also banded together with platinum vibez music guaranteed to bring his fans and African music mates overall all the more fascinating scenes.Yet they have what it takes to create Afro-Fusion series because the material the have was outstanding.

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KJV – Ori Mi

Nigerian Artist KJV also is known for “King Jiggy Vocals” released the video of ‘ Ori Mi , ‘ as a new year special.His most cohesive effort yet, another solid effort with powerful vibrant and color. A must listen for any music enthusiast with alternate taste. It illustrates the rough pursuit of glory with devotional…


Charass – Eziokwu

Charass , delivers a heary single song ‘Eziokwu‘ which is a bit of lust and hits the year. The ‘Eziokwu‘ really hits the fan when it comes to amusement. As usual, the concepts and themes of his song are very interesting.On a positive note, he delivers a very chill, smooth, and joyful project for his…


Radio & Weasel – Ntwalako

Radio & Weasel The Ugandan duo gave their first visual for 2017 entitled with ‘ Ntwalako , ’.To amuse their friend they did something funny, a touch of sentiment, with meaningful impressive moments.You need to keep hear it out and you will find it singing in your head.. The instrumentals are chill, relaxing, and funky…


Chuks Harmonie Ft. Josh2funny – Say I Do

Chuks Harmonie , who is known for his versatiliy with huge talent.This time he gives his fan a Experimental, shots of romance , humorous song to clebrate the year 2017. With ‘SAY I DO’ Chuks did something different here , daring romance to show love but in the same he continued his style. With a…


Ryan – High Class

Ryan , – A 18 years of age good looking artiste Who trusts he can give some A-list artist a run for their cash and yet he proves it. His music video ‘High Class’ one of the better release this year.He is relentless, one of the wonderful messes I’ve ever heard. A thematic experience and…


Mars and Barzini – Concert Shutdown In Port Harcourt | Pictures

West Africa’s rap duo Mars and Barzini Concert Shutdown , gave another quill to their top as they satisfied a large number of fans.This is unquestionably an awesome work for their fan.The crowd additionally got entertained by likable underground acts like DanDizzy, Phizbarz, G-Blaze and substantially more. Toward the day’s end, they make a great…


Klu – Livin’ Lovely

Klu , This single rap shines beautifully with a summer vibe.Ghanaian act Klu comes through with another video “LIVIN’ LOVELY” which is absolutely justified a worthy shot.This single track made him best chilling rappers in the game. It’s just great to hear Klu’s sound like himself.

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Igitego by Babystyle (Official Video) 2017

Igitego , by Babystyle is a pleasant song to hear. A bit Lyrical, listnerer can sense a simple but powerful words. The elements that are play here has a raw emotion of its own. The song stands just fine on its own.

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Ngize amahirwe by Guilgal choir (Official Video) 2017

A remarkable choir to listen, great moments and shouldn’t be underestimated.Guilgal choir, What they deliver is a quite an enjoyable listening experience.This song has its own color and incredibly vibrant. Totally worth a shot.

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Mana yacu by Le seneve choir (Official video) 2017

Mana yacu , A wonderful choir by Le seneve choir, amazing collaboration, and great voices. Everytime you listen to it, it feels like they are singing an anthem of real life. The lyrics are simple but it has a meaning which is filled with love and passion.

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Inzira y’ukuri by Le seneve choir (Official Video) 2017

Inzira y’ukuri , by Le seneve choir an extraordinary movement from the Devotion and lightness of touch to it’s sublime.A highly polished, charming sophomore effort and sounds quiet and hopeful..To sum everything up, simply delightful and really exquisite.

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Mwami ushimirwe by Le seneve choir (Official Video) 2017

Mwami ushimirwe , It’s dramatic to hear this most extraordinary of gatherings playing with such ease and familiarity, and totally convincing. An alternate taste and their staggering effortlessness and undaunted trustworthiness are fascinating.They have dealt with all the fragments of their musical identity, focused them in a complementary manner.

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