Warrior By Jaguar (Kenya) and EL (Ghana)

Great music with a nice music video, enjoyed every bit of the music. Amazing lyrics with top quality singing. Nice work done by two singer. Music video of this song is very impressive

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Miracle Blessings – Ma Nigga

Wow, this guy is amazing with his song. Pretty enjoyable song with a different touch. Hoping more nice and different work from this musician.

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L.A.X ft DJ Consequence & Bizzouch – Jikolo

Sounds refreshing with the use of various musical instrument. Awesome composition with cool voice. Last part of the song made it unique.

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Winky D – Gafa Life

Loved the music. Powerful voice of Winky D increased the quality of the song. Singer like Winky knows what he is doing. His purely scientific song is amazing.

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Morrisson – Crowbar In My Bag

Crowbar In My Bag , In single word amazing song. Lyrics are very realistic and serious. Great composition with real rap sense. Morrisson voice sounds perfect for this song. This song is going to blow everyone’s mind. Most important is finally he is back with something awesome.

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Awesome start of the new year with brand new single Kpekpekpe by TOOBUSY. Liked the song and music video.

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Omawumi – Butterflies

Lovely song with awesome vocals. If anyone need a love song for her boyfriend this song is the perfect choose. Heard something like this after a long time

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Teeklef – Slow Down

Mind refreshing great melodious love song. Presentation of the song is organized such a light and humorous way, it will touch your heart

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Kamakaze – Year of the Kamdog

Very enjoyable video of Kamakaze – Year of the Kamdog. At the begining you will get a little bit twist. Visual is really good. Video quality and tune is good as well.

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Morrison – Crowber in my bag

Morrison returned to bang the new year 2017 with his new title ‘Crowber in my bag” after a long time. Morrison going to take over now watch !. The greatesr rapper has returned to his era.

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Kabamba & Deav – Kafuna Love

Kabamba and Deav gave new dimension in the Zambian music industry by releasing “Kafuna Love”. Really nice song. Continue producing nice songs guys.

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Naira – Capable

Multi talented songwriter and artist Naira shows his talent in his first titled “Capable”. This jam is definitely taking over your
speakers! Enjoy the song and it will not disappoint you.

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Shodyreeks Ft. Mike Abdul – Modupe

At the begining of the song titled Shodyreeks Ft. Mike Abdul – Modupe the guitar tune will give a new taste and as the song go ahead you will be introduced with many more tunes. Very nice rhythm also to dance with the music.

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Miracle Blessings – Haters

A great album with great songs from Repping and “Haters” song is here to prove her skills and talent on music. Nice tune, nice sound. Overall a nice song.

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Miracle Blessings – All On Me

As always, Repping will not dissapoint you and with another song titled “All on me” with different sound will give you different taste. Music industry got a great talent like Repping and this song shows a lot talent from her.

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